Snorre Magnus Dav√łen's Keybase homepage

Hello there stranger. This is my Keybase homepage. It is written in Markdown. This makes it super easy to edit.

My Keybase profile shows my public key and links to proofs on social sites such as Github, Twitter, Hacker News, and my domain. You can find my blog at where I write about things that interest me and hopefully you too.

This page is powered by the Keybase filesystem. Saving this file into my public folder in /keybase/public/snorremd the file becomes availble as a rendered web page, a raw file, and last but not least on a file info page.

The Keybase filesystem can be used to privately or publicly host your files. You may share your files with specific people or groups of people. It's all pretty cool. You can even host a static blog on Keybase where each post is signed with your GPG key. Will be interesting to see what people do with this.